Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy 2008

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


this happened on 25th Dec. Christmas day = my bad day
luckily that day i drive my another car.
i lost money again!!!! B$400 for the car i langgar, coz he talk too much, then my brother said, bah~ just give him money. " the problem can solve by money is not a problem"
GOOD!! i like this. huh~~ but why ah?? y i didn't see any car in front. my eyes block by.....??!!
ok~ new year(2008) i think i have go to temple to change my bad luck to good luck..

X' mas party in my house

wow~ my Christmas present???!!! ^0^
of coz not. present bring by person who come to the party ( for exchange present section).
PS: the christmas tree is DIY by shishi & wenbiau.

our food~ got satay, lamb, prawn, curry, fish, oyster....... some more... sushi ( by my cousin, soon jian liang) ^-^ .

yeah~~ say " Merry Christmas"

my n christmas present from honey. what is the present??
oh my gosh...................... bling bling~~~
i really like it~~~ thanks honey.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

christmas present from singapore

SURPRISE!!!! there is a package for me to take at Post Office. i cant wait to retrieve my package.
tang tang~~~~ after 1 week of waiting (coz no time go POS to take)
working hours: 8am-11am, 1.45pm-4.00pm. ( =.= )
lucky they open on saturday, my bf no working on saturday, so he help me take.
WOW~~~ this is what hide inside the box. ^-^v
really surprise~~ i like it very very much~ it is very useful for me.
thanks to Mr. William Kiu.
this is the present for my honey (of coz is sent by Mr. Kiu)
biau: thanks william, i will try to diet . >__<

Something round, something sweet~~"Tang Yuan"

yeah~~ 22 dec is"dong zhi" celebration. this is cook my my mum~ really sweet sweet.
this is 2nd important festival for Chinese, after Chinese new year. according to the traditional, age = quantity u can eat. that mean, if my age is 18, then i eat 18 tang yuan. ( ok!!ok!!! i admit that i eat more that 18 tang yuan this year) >_< v for those eldest ( granpa, granma, uncle, auntie ) 60 tang yuan??? 70 ??? 80??? 90???? 0_O

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Korean Restaurant

this is the only 1 Korean Restaurant in Brunei.
see the "korean mui".. so cute neh~

look at the menu, dont know which 1 is nice.
erm...... i think korean bbq is not bad, coz last time go korean restaurant at KL, we also order bbq chicken, i like it~
the others... i forgot the name..heehee ^-^a
of coz, we also order Kim Ji.

yeah~ here is what we order
the rice, erm.. its look normal, but really nice to eat. and the soup~ hot but also not bad.
恩~~我只能说 “是好吃的咯”

heehee... BBQ chicken, we panggang ourself. it different with the KL 1. this 1, u have to serve with the vegetable they give. BEST!!

i like this drink very very much~~ it call "Ju Ja Cha (citron tea)".
next time if go there, MUST try this 1.

hahaa... we all very hungry...

Tau ke & lady Tau ke, curi take 1.

yeah~~~ say "kam sa na mi da" ^0^

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dazzling Light Festival

wuhuu~~~~~~ we went to Paris!!!!?????!!!???
of coz...nolah~
this is Brunei Dazzling Light Festival. starting from 15 Dec 2007 - 06 Jan 2008 at Jerudong Park. it have been a long time jerdong park dont have such a crowd of people (later...)
we reach there at 7pm (during this time, still not much people la...we are early bird, heheheheh), but have been block by the security, becoz....... there are VVVIP enjoying for the 1st show.
the friendly security guide told us "8.30pm baru buka ticket counter" (ah???? 8.30pm only open for buying ticket?? =.= y i cannot buy now??? ok~fine!! )
we go to near by food court to spent our 1 1/2 hours. =.=" ( we just take our dinner 6.30pm)
look at the bbq chicken wings, yummy~~~ really not bad o~ :D~~
8.00pm, we have to go the counter buy ticket, BUT , u know what happend???

we stay in the car praying the rain to be stop, or else we have to run our plan B....
balik rumah tidur~~~
luckily~~ the rain stop after 15 minute. yahoo, let go back to the ticket counter ^-^v
see la, i say just now buy ticket but security guide dont allow us see the picture la.....people moutain people sea... ~_~" we stuck at the queue for almost 15min, hot and sweat.... people is not queue make the situation even worst.... finally~~~ get the ticket ^D^v (B$ 9 / ticket)Let take a snap b4 go in, "The fellowship of the Light~" hahahaha

~Dragon and pheonix~

3 leng lui... my da sao(sister-in-law , sister & me)

Brunei Darusslam-Jame' Asr Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque
with honey~

French -Eiffel Tower

India -Taj Mahal

Italy - Leaning Tower of Pisa
****** this is the special 1, why???
look carefully what build the tower? take a closer look.

ice cream~~ yum yum~~
Group photo~ ^-^v
( B$9 ticket just for few view, actually quite expensive loh, but anywhere, we have a great memory at here) ^-^

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

5 stars Hotel in Brunei

Ok~ long time didn’t update my blog…
This time, we talk about Empire hotel.
It takes around 30 minute from my house. (if not sesak lah)
What I heard, they used 20 billion to build this building, (read carefully, is Billion)
Need 200 year in order to breakeven.
wah~~ maybe i already "lun hui" 3 times.. = ="

now u talk about the history~~~ long long time ago~~~~
This hotel at first build and only serve royal family. but later on they open to public use la.
*tat is why they call it empire*

In the zhong tong tao fang...( call president room??) got a golden carpet,carpet that use gold line to sew. In side that room got a crystal camel. this camel already million BND, whole world only got 3 crystal camel. 1 at Dubai hotel, 2 at empire Hotel, Brunei.
sorry ya~ i am not such a rich girl, so cant take some photo for u guys.

Can u see the ceiling ?? that is gold color. Nothing special, rite?
Ok~ now u see the next picture.

Now u can see clearly. Marble pillars with inlaid gold. Is GOLD.
Walaulei….. No wonder 20 billion lah~

Night View
Restaurant (top view)
Empire Resort fresh water Lagoon
swimming pool

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Crown Prince's Sport car

Driving Lamborgini
His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince.
His sport car~
haha~~this pic is get from my cousin,
thanks, winnie.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

BIG big "si ham"

this is the 1st time i saw such as BIG "si ham"
it is bigger than 50 cen

yummy~~yummy~~ i lov seafood very much

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