Sunday, April 27, 2008

Seria - The City of Petroleum

This weekend i going to Seria (the city of Petroleum in Brunei).
My uncle moved to a new Europe style luxury banglo ^-^
uncle, i really salute u, even rent a bus to pick all my relative from bandar seri begawan.
VIP come down from bus~~~
nothing special to write...

Winnie, me, wen biau

Geck, Kojack, Wen Biau, me...
Stop !! STOP HERE!!
12.00 am.... 27 April 08
is my handsome cousin, Kojack birthday....
no cake, no candle.... only the wish...
Happy Birthday.... Kojack

uncle, thank you for your 5 star dinner service + room service + breakfast service + lunch service...... hahha...
to be frank, your house is billion, it look like a 5star resort!!
(sorry didnt take much of the house picture, because have to rescue my stomach during the time, will re-take the picture on my next visit)

Friday, April 18, 2008

18/4/08 is a GOOD day ^0^

How good is today?
1. i have a chance to earn extra pocket money ( got chance only lah)
2. i go to a very traffic shopping complex -- The Mall. normally i spent 30-50 minutes to find a carpark, but today the carpark waiting in front of me.... ^D^
3. i have a very delicious dinner with my dear, & the price is fair. ( i will post the photo of food & restaurant later)
4. the objective today is to buy present for my cousin (21st birthday @ tmr), i saw 1 mp4, but no stock. Luckily ( today really is my day ^D^) i found it at another place with cheaper price.
5. the salesman who sales me is my primary school old friend.... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been long time didn't see him. he still recognized me.....
( the conversation below originally is chinese, but i translated to english, so ur all can read ^-^v)
Me : ei...... u speak chinese ( because he really look like malay >.< )
Alister : Yes =.=
Me: r u local?
Alister : No~~
Me : so u from Thailand ?_?
Alister : ---_______________________---"
i know you from Trusan
Me: O_o ?????????????? ei......... how u know
Alister : u forget me already, i m your primary friend.

wah ~~~~~~~~~ he can recognized me, mean i didnt change at all ( still young & pretty ) kakaka

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Biau: Opps!! My Chocolate~!~~~~!!! ToT

Aarrhh.... I broke my poor Chocolate!!!! >"<

Working on Sunday =___+ (emergency call me back to office, cause got a india Sys. Coordinator came, have to discuss something with him...)

my chocolate put in pocket, then i walk blur blur..... hit edge of table accidently.....

"Kiittt klaaa".....


wuwuwuwuw.......have to buy a new handphone ler.... ~"~

hmmm... nokia E51 not bad~ ^D^a

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Yesterday lazy to cook, so eat outside....
but where to eat & what to eat.
my cousin introduce me go steamboat, is a new shop call "Berry wan Hotpot" at Gadong.
bah~~ ok~~ have a try.

we order 2 flavor---- Chicken & Tom Yam.
but so bad..... the Tom Yam not Hot & Sour.

B$10/person. just eat as much as u can. a lots of food.
but dont have prawn & other seafood.
Have... but that is side order..
then we order 1 plate prawn & 1 plate seafood (dont know call what)
6 Prawn for B$3.00 O.0 so exoensive ah....
then 1 person 1 prawn loh ( we have 5 person)
then the extra 1 who so lucky can eat ah...??
is my cousin....Yong yong... u know why?
u see his size then u will know the answer. ^-^
(yong... dont angry ah... )

nanana... this 1 lah~~ dont know call what. but the taste is quite nice.
lagi expensive. B$5.00

randon photo..........

ya...this green color drink.... Lemon Grass Drink..
1st time i drink this, very nice o


group photo...
Nana, Pei yin, yong yong, wen biau & me

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

LCC & L Tower (New Malaysia Tourism Location @ Sarawak)

Sure you guy know this ...
KL Tower

KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center)
Welcome to Sarawak,
a new place to "visit" at Limbang...

introduce you ......



KL Tower Limbang Tower.

LCC. ( Limbang City Center).
look carefully... even the bridge also have... geng leh..

dont worry...
if next time u wanna visit here, just call my hp, (+673-86x9xx6)
i will bring u there to "shopping" ^D^

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy 3 Years....


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