Saturday, September 27, 2008

KK Trip coming soon....

Yes! KK trip count down...3 more days~~~
selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~~ :D

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sungkai Buffet - Takara

YOSSHH!! As you all know, now is a fasting month for Muslim~
In Brunei, almost every restaurant come out with Buffet package to attract business
and here we are... the so called most expensive Japanese restaurant in Brunei
Restaurant Takara @ Gadong Center Point Hotel
Adult: B$12 niah.....
Time: 6.30pm to 8pm (only...for sungkai mah...)

We late for 20minutes (start counting from 6.30pm, hehehe, b'cuz need to bring sister from the other end of the world.... @_@)
and.........we found that the food already 7788 @_@!!

SUSHI!! (and sashimi) only serve few pieces every 15minute = ="
(remember this buffet hour is only one and a half hour only....)

dumpling.... quite many, the sauce of dumpling is nice! :D

sashimi~~~ this 1 fighting hard only able to get few pieces
= ="
wooo.... i found this ~~ so i thought is green tea? fast take a cup and pour


cehhhh........ is coffee................
(but why the smell.......)

hmmmm......well, actually this is not COFFEE!!! omg.... i so stupid, take a cup to pour this
i am sakai..... (but y they put soya sauce into the Hot-water bottle (热水壶)????? o.Oa)

hehehe, we saw 2 japanese sitting in front of us...
they are even late come than us....but they got more food than us!!!
the world is not fair!!!
saw the blue colour waiter??
he is hamsap lou..... =___________=
he keep make sushi, sashimi for that 2 japanese girls....
(where the sushi should place to the long table)

yeah~~~ say cheeese~~~~~ ^-^

okie.... that is it for the so called most expensive Japanese restaurant in Brunei
The food supply is so so so slow!
the sushi don't have varity
the sashimi have to fight to get (because is less!)
and there is not enough drink!! (only got cold water, rose sirap and hot soya source....omg....)
A tin of coke is B$3.00 (proof that it is a expensive japanese restaurant. B$3.00 i can get 6 tins of cola already....)

the conclusion is....
dont ever try sungkai buffet!! it is cheat!

*Msg to Takara: if you aren't effort to provide proper buffet (should be unlimited take), just don't say it is a buffet.... i will feel better....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Snow Ice Cream

Recently I hear from my cousin, there is a new shop open at Gadong.
A special shop~~ normally ppl sell ice, this shop, sell "snow"!!
Yeah, this is CHARMY de snow shop.
This is special also! their menu :D look like newspaper~~
Very nice environment~ build up with a Blue color theme~
(Handsome honey ^-^)

Yeah... this is our order -- Plum Snow Ice Cream
(look so blueish, hmm... is the blue light kacau or wat??) ...
OMG!! a YOLK~~ heheeh, this is the shop special
called.... chocolate yolk... @_@
and it have special way to eat

First, bury the yolk under the snow
(the boss say the yolk will "masak" in 30 second.. o_Oa)

After 30 seconds....

Look at the Yolk~~it seem like really "masak" already!!
hehehe, actually, it just freeze only la~

hmmm... taste neh~~ plum 1 is nice, sour ice feeling~ :D (recormemded)
for the yolk.... hmm hmmm....
actually the freeze yolk nothing special, even taste also hardly to taste it
the boss ask me wan soya source or not tim... =.=
hehhe, anyway, it is nice to taste something special~

the price, is not too expensive la, plum snow = B$4.80 and yolk is B$5.80
besides snow, they also sell food like toast and snack
(but seem like snack is available after grand opening)

so, what are you waiting for???
Charmy Snow @ Brunei Gadong, (Opposite Gadong mall, second floor above Dee Jay Mobility shop)

now they are only soft opening, the boss tell me on their grand opening day, they will make a promotion, which is, they will free 8888 plates of free snow!!!
Anyone can come and grab 1 totally FOC!!!
hehehe!! when is their grand opening neh?
the boss don't want to tell me neh....
he say: somewhere at October la
pls read newspaper loh~~~ heheheheh

For the Free Snow~~~ I want to read newspaper daily!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival -- Moon Cake

You eat Month Cake already?
but dont eat to much o~~~

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Steambot Ice cream

i want to try this new menu for long time already,
Swensens Steambot ice cream....
not boil the ice cream, but is chocolate... XD~~
B$26 (should be this price ^-^ )
hehehe, so romance dish~~~ YUMMY YUMMY~
*saw what beside banana? is lychee =.=. Actually this steambot should come with strawberry. but the waitress said....stawberry HABIS... @_@a
and they don't have alternative fruit to replace (O_o)
so end up.... they use lychee (this suppose is used to make lychee drink 1... kakaka)

how to eat?
Step 1. Pick any item
Step 2. Dunk into chocolate "soup"
Step 3. Put some nut~~
Step 4. ENJOY!!! :D


yes!! my favorite !! fried mushroom...
this 1 really really nice to eat.
every time go swensen, must order it!

biau: I eat first loh~~~ u slow slow take pic la~~ (very hungry~~~XÞ)

biau:(sweet smiling.... sweeter than the ice cream ^-^)

Comment Time!!
what I feel after ate? nice? good? ok?
hmmm....well, actually i not really like loh~~
The chocolate is too sweet and too thick.
I can feel my stomach like full with many sticky chocolate
this make me feel really hard. ~_~
well...simple word.... "GELI"~~~

anywhere~ the mushroom score 100%! :D
(learn to cook at home now~~ ^^)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Miss U, My Friend...


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